Eric & John Rosado are a dynamic twin brother dual from the Statue of Liberty area of Jersey City. They Sing & Act, compose songs play a little keys and Trumpet (John) and Drums (Eric). They were "discovered" in 2016 at the age of 12, when they signed up to sing in a Christmas Concert in a church. They got involved in this unique "MusicTech Kids®” program where they were taught by the award-winning Prof. David Musial, how to begin to compose and record songs. As graduates they are now in the MusicTech Teens® program. They have been given opportunities to act in music videos, a fun made for kids movie, they releases a full album in 2019 and have performed on huge stages and in massive parades for over 1 Million People!

The song “Shooting Star” is their first original and is a comedic treatment about Eric’s passion for “Baseball” and John’s for “Star Wars”! “In My Arms” is a gentle message about well, what usually begins to happen at their age! “It’s Oblivious” is a very serious statement charity fundraising song to help their grandmother rebuild her home, which was destroyed in Hurricane “Maria” in Puerto Rico in 2017. They composed it with Prof. David, their mom “MARIA” and their little 5 year-old sister “Sophia”. 100% of all net income for this song will be donated to gram Rosado and any leftover to the MusicTech Kids® program.

During the summer of 2016, they visited just about every major boardwalk on the Jersey Shore shooting scenes for a comedy movie called “The Mermaid Mysteries”, from Cape May (where they met some “ghosts”) to Ocean City, Wildwood, Atlantic City, Seaside Heights, Point Pleasant, Asbury Park and then finally to the 35th Annual “Mermaid Parade” in Coney Island, NYC. The “Mermaid Dance” is destined to be an Ocean Beach Sensation! LOL!!! It was released as a “school class-project” at the Smart Trax® Institute of Technology a non-profit pending venture.

Currently they are working on some Reggaeton tunes including “Quinceanera”!
Stay tuned to their site and the television venture NextGen Stars®

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